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Open glass fish tank. Anodised aluminium profile.
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Star Tank open glass tanks are sealed with high modulus silicone to ensure that the tank is perfectly watertight. Ideal for different types of set-up, for freshwater or seawater, and can be furnished based on your needs. The structure is made using EN AW-6060 special aluminium alloy profiles, anodized at 15 micron to guarantee better resistance to wear, even in cases of marine environments (salt water). The range includes various models that differ in capacity: Star Tank 120 with a capacity of 330 litres, Star Tank 160 with a capacity of 570 litres and Star Tank 200 with a capacity of 750 litres. The thickness of the glass is 12 mm in all models.

All the tanks are equipped with special high-resistance stainless steel tie-rods (one in the model Star Tank 120) in the lower frame, that guarantee the utmost safety.

On the base, you will find special holes closed by a plug in case of non-use, which allow the passage of the suction tubes from an external filter. To connect it, simply purchase the CONNECTION KIT separately. This kit is designed to highlight the design and the beauty of the tank. Lastly, Star tanks can be complemented by adding special accessories that you can choose according to your needs such as a skimmer or, if you prefer, an internal filter.

Special items of furniture are available as optionals and feature a sturdy wooden structure, equipped with doors with a push-pull system, shelves on which you can place useful objects and feet allowing you to adjust the height.

It is easy to keep Star Tank fish tanks impeccably clean and efficient : just clean the glass periodically with the magnetic brushes and suck up the dirt and waste from the bottom of the tank using the special siphons. In order to clean the outside of the tank, it is recommended that you avoid using detergents.
In both the seawater and freshwater tanks, add demineralised water to replace the water that has evaporated as soon as the level in the tank is excessively low. At least once a month, replace 5-10% of the water in the tank with demineralised water. Clean the filter according to the frequency and methods indicated in the relative user manual.

  • Open glass tank
  • Elegant design with anodised aluminium profiles
  • Perfectly watertight thanks to the high modulus silicone
  • Stainless steel tie rods in the lower frame, one in the Star Tank 120 model
  • Thickness of glass: 12 mm
  • Capacity 330 litres, 570 or 750 litres, depending on the model
  • It allows great freedom of choice in its set-up
  • Ideal for both seawater and freshwater
  • It is set up for the internal passage of the tubes from the external filter: a hole in the base
  • Can be complemented with the special coordinated wooden stand to be chosen based on the model
  • Easy for maintenance and cleaning