A story of innovation

who we are, what we do

For more than 35 years we have been manufacturing a wide range of quality and high-tech products for the creation and maintenance of aquariums and ponds.

At the base of our philosophy you will find the passion for Innovation, the interest in the Internet of Things and the taste for a typically Italian Design.

We make sure that all aquarists, newbies and experts, can fully enjoy their passion, through reliable, innovative and easy to manage products.

35 years of innovation

our story

Hydor was founded in 1984 in Bassano del Grappa, in the province of Vicenza. Its founder, engineer Valerio Bresolin, senses the potential of the sector and designs a "power filter" specifically for the American market. Thus began a long process of growth that will lead the Vicenza company to become a world reference point for all fans of the underwater world. The desire to provide all aquarists with a complete and technologically advanced line of products for their aquarium means that only a few years after the foundation we proceed with an expansion of the range. In this way, pumps, heaters, skimmers are added to the production of filters, up to smart lighting systems and the material necessary for maintenance. Pond pumps are also added to the products for the aquarium.

a union of values


After 35 years of story, Hydor has joined Ferplast, an important multinational in the pet comfort sector. Thanks to this union, Hydor is now able to offer an even more complete range of products of undoubted quality for the creation and care of the aquarium: from pumps to glass tanks, from filters to heaters and skimmers to materials. filters and pond pumps.
The strategic partnership between the two Italian companies aims to strengthen production and technological development capacities and to consolidate the position in the business in which it operates.



Hydor has always been synonymous with excellence, reliability and high performance.
The propensity to keep searching for innovative solutions has led to the registration of many patents, which testify to the actual original features and high efficiency of Hydor products. Behind every Hydor solution there are years of research and a substantial technological know-how, which translates into the ease of management of the small aquatic ecosystem, appreciated by all users.