SKU: P23100

Electronically controlled pump for marine aquarium skimmers
Misura: 600
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The SELTZ D SKIM DC is an electronically controlled pump that guarantees high performance in terms of water flow and air intake. Designed specifically for use in skimmers, it guarantees perfect mixing of large quantities of water and air thanks to the special needle impeller designed in Hydor’s laboratories. In case of blackout and resulting increase of water level in the sump, the electronic controller delays the start-up of the pump avoiding the overflow of liquid from the skimmer’s extraction container.

  • Pump for specific use for skimmers
  • Electronic control for high performance of water flow and air intake
  • Adjustable flow to adapt it to different needs
  • Ensures perfect mixing of large quantities of water and air
  • Special needle impeller with ceramic shaft
  • No flooding after blackout: the system restarts the skimmer 80 seconds after the power returns
  • Feed Mode: puts the pump on stand-by for 5 minutes to be able to feed your fish, do maintenance inside the aquarium

  • Available in different models:
  • 600 of 12 W, maximum pump flow rate 1000 l/h, maximum air flow rate 600 l/h, maximum head 0,9 m
  • 800 of 19 W, maximum pump flow 1200 l/h, maximum air flow 800 l/h, maximum head 1,4 m
  • 1000 of 26 W, maximum pump flow 1500 l/h, maximum air flow 1000 l/h, maximum head 1,6 m