SKU: KB1300

Non-toxic resin decoration for aquariums complete with LED light and aerator. In the shape of a volcano.
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This kit includes: 1 Hand-made non-toxic resin decoration, suitable for combining with coloured light and bubbles for amazing effects; 1 LED Show, a super safe and low voltage LED light, that produces a coloured illumination; 1 Bubble Show, our Patented internal aerator, specially designed for efficiently distributing oxygen in aquariums.

  • Non-toxic resin decoration for aquariums, in the shape of a volcano
  • Safe material, does not affect the biological balance of the aquarium

  • Complete kit with:
  • 1 hand-painted decoration, resistant colours that do not release any substance
  • 1 LED light, Led Show, safe and low voltage, red lighting
  • 1 Bubble Show internal aerator, patented, efficiently distributes oxygen in the aquarium

  • Easy to place in the tank, it creates amazing effects of bubbles and light