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Turtle tank with shaped glass
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Elegant in any room of your home, the Jamaica 80 turtle tank stands out for its essential design and very sturdy structure.
It is equipped with a solid support base, has a shaped side glass and a lowered glass on the front to facilitate maintenance operations.
This turtle tank is made of 6mm thick float glass and high modulus silicone to ensure watertight integrity when filled with water.

Jamaica 80 is easy to maintain: always keeping it flawless and efficient will really be child's play! It is sufficient to clean the glass periodically using Hydor's magnetic brushes, to vacuum dirt and waste, it is useful to siphon the bottom periodically, using the special siphons for aquariums.

To customize Jamaica to your liking, various accessories can be purchased separately.
In fact, you can combine the Stand 80 cabinet, specially designed to perfectly support the weight of the tank set up and filled with water.

  • Glass turtle tank with an elegant design and attention to detail
  • Solid support base
  • 6 mm thick float glass tank
  • Lowered front glass (H 28 cm) and shaped sides
  • High modulus silicone to ensure watertight integrity
  • Easy to clean thanks to magnetic brushes or aquarium siphons (not included)
  • Wide range of furniture and accessories available