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Automatic fish feeder
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If you are going on holiday and you haven’t got a fish sitter, don’t worry, it is not necessary you ask a favour of your friends or relatives! With the new automatic feeder Chef Pro your problems are solved!
This new-generation automatic feeder can dish out all kinds of food, both flakes and granules: it is in fact supplied with 4 different kinds of doors you could apply to the container exit according to the kind of fish food you have chosen. It simply works by using two not rechargeable alkaline 1,5 volt batteries (not included) and it is a safe product considered its low voltage.
Chef Pro is very easy in programming, up to three feeding sessions per day, and guarantees a constant food dosage thanks to its auger inside with patented mechanism. This useful accessory for aquariums is also equipped with a Led light for low battery warning and stand-by function.
Easy to be installed in all aquariums, the automatic fish food dispenser Chef Pro can be perfectly integrated in the aquariums Dubai, Cayman (starting from Cayman 60) and Capri (from model 60) thanks to the suitable arranged hatches or compartments.

As far as maintenance is concerned, the food container of 100 ml is very simple to clean: the front panel is removable and opens only during food supply. A special spring keeps the hatch closed on the container so that humidity infiltration is prevented. For Chef Pro maintenance, we recommend not to use detergents or chemical substances.

  • Suitable for all kinds of food, both flakes and granules (capacity 100 ml)
  • Equipped with efficient anti humidity hatch
  • Can be installed in the aquariums Cayman, Capri or Dubai
  • Auger with patented mechanism
  • Constant dosage of fish food
  • Supplied with four different doors for different kinds of food
  • Very easy in programming: up to 3 feeding sessions a day
  • Special Led for low battery warning
  • Stand-by function
  • Easy maintenance and food container cleaning