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Large rounded glass aquarium. Complete with LED lamps, internal filter and timer.
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The Cayman range of aquariums offers glass tanks of different sizes, able to satisfy the most varied needs.
The Cayman 110 Scenic model is characterized by an elegant curved front glass. it has a capacity of 300 litres and a glass thickness of 8 mm. Functional, it is practical, ideal for any type of set-up, and equipped with accessories.
It is in fact complete with Bluwave 09 internal filter, the advanced integrated three-stage filtering system (mechanical, biological and adsorbent) capable of ensuring pure and crystalline water; the filter is easy to maintain as it is equipped with removable compartments, it is also complete with filter material, heater and special integrated modular filter for excellent mechanical action.

The Cayman 110 Scenic rounded aquarium has a Led lighting system to ensure maximum performance and low energy consumption, excellent colour rendering with bright colours. Compared to the consumption of a fluorescent lamp, in fact, LED lamps ensure savings of 50% with about 30,000 hours of light, they heat up very little and are safer. The Cayman 110 Scenic Led tank is supplied complete with one 15W Toplife 90 Led lamp and one 9W Freshlife 90 Led lamp. The Toplife Led bars, ideal for freshwater aquariums, enhance the beauty of the colors of fish and plants, reproducing the conditions of natural daylight; The Freshlife LED bars are instead useful for promoting plant photosynthesis and stimulating oxygen production.

If necessary, the timer can also be used in manual function as a simple switch. Furthermore, thanks to a special bipolar safety switch, the pump and the heater can be completely disconnected from the mains during maintenance operations.

Like all fish tanks in the range, the Cayman 110 Scenic has also been designed and manufactured in compliance with the international standard EN60598-2-11, mandatory for the purposes of the CE declaration for all aquariums placed on the market.

The lid hinged to the aquarium frame has been tested to withstand humidity and splashing water. Special snap-off plugs allow the passage of the tubes of an external filter while a special compartment has been set up to use an automatic fish feeder or a skimmer. A useful front door also allows you to feed the fish comfortably. The fully openable lid is held up by a special self supporting arm: this allows for great ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Finally, the Stand Cayman 110 Scenic cabinet is available as an accessory: equipped with adjustable feet, has a curved front side, it has been designed to perfectly support the weight of the tub filled with water.

  • Large rounded glass aquarium for fresh water
  • Pleasant design with modern black finish
  • Glass thickness: 8 mm
  • Tank capacity: approximately 300 L
  • Weight when full: approximately 370 kg
  • Built-in Bluwave 09 filter, complete with Blumodular 03 pump/filter (1200 l/h), filtering material and Bluclima heater 300W
  • LED lighting system that ensures high colour yield and low power consumption
  • Complete with two LED lamps of 9W and 15W
  • Lighting timer
  • Equipped with switch to turn off pump and heater
  • Lid hinged to the frame of the aquarium and water resistant
  • Completely openable and equipped with self supporting arm
  • Special snap-off plugs and compartment for the application of external accessories
  • Suggested optional: Stand Cayman 110 Scenic matching support stand