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Internal filter for aquariums with aerobic function. Maximum pump flow rate: 500 l/h.
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Bluwave 01, the integrated internal filter for aquariums by Hydor, is the perfect solution for tanks up to 70 liters in capacity.
In a single product, it offers effective mechanical and adsorbent filtration, as well as advanced aerobic filtration thanks to the BIOFLO rotating deflector with which it is equipped. This innovative filtering system not only guarantees clean and crystalline water but significantly increases oxygenation, effectively counteracting the formation of oily films and the accumulation of ammonia, particularly in densely populated aquariums. The continuous mouvement of the BIOFLO deflector, rotating 360 degrees, creates a pleasant wave effect that moves the plants and invertebrates, making the environment very similar to the natural one, enriching the aquarium with oxygen and promoting the health and liveliness of the aquatic habitat.

Bluwave 01 BIOFLO is supplied with a mechanical filtration sponge that captures impurities and a disposable cartridge with activated carbon for adsorbent filtering. The Pico centrifugal pump, included, is synonymous with efficiency and silence, guaranteeing high performance with low energy consumption.

This aquarium filter is perfectly compatible with the Hydor Theo heater (optional) which you can insert inside the appropriate compartment to replace the sponge.

Attention: the Bluwave 01 filter has been designed to accommodate only the Theo 50W or Theo 100W models thanks to their small dimensions and construction details. Do not use other heaters.

The filter is easy to install and clean, it allows flexible positioning inside the tank (laterally or posteriorly) thanks to the suction cups with which it is equipped.

Practical spare parts are also available such as the Blumec 01 sponges and the filter cartridge added with activated carbon.

  • Internal filter for aquariums
  • Designed for smaller tanks, maximum 70 litres

  • 2-stage filter system: mechanical and adsorbent, for clean, crystal-clear water
  • Mechanical filtration using a sponge, captures waste and particles dispersed in the water
  • Adsorbent filtration: disposable cartridge with activated carbon granules for the elimination of aromatic compounds and colorants

  • Also equipped with a rotating deflector with BIOFLO aerobic filter
  • Moves water for a natural-like environment
  • Creates a beneficial wave effect that moves plants and invertebrates
  • Increases oxygenation in the aquarium and gas exchange on the surface
  • Aerobic filtration is suitable for eliminating ammonia from overpopulated aquariums and surface oily patina

  • Complete with centrifugal pump and filter material, 360° rotating deflector with sponge
  • Universal attachment thanks to the supplied suction cups
  • Water intake grills located at the top and bottom
  • Designed not to lose dirt during maintenance
  • Easy cleaning
  • Special compartment for sponge or heater
  • It is possible to replace the sponge with a heater (optional)
  • Compatibility with Hydor Theo 50W or 100W heaters

  • Spare parts: Blumec 01 sponges and activated carbon filter cartridge

  • Bluwave 01 with 4.5 W BIOFLO, maximum pump flow rate 500 l/h
  • Max head 30 cm, recommended for aquariums up to 70 litres