SKU: 66290021

Internal skimmer for sea water aquariums
Misura: 250
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Bluskimmer is an essential accessory for saltwater aquarium set-ups. Thanks to its compact size, this skimmer can be placed inside the appropriate compartment on the aquariums cover, suitable both for Cayman or Dubai aquariums and large Star glass tanks by Hydor.
The skimmer is complete with a submersible built-in pump, equipped with brush impeller and a silencer with sucker, air flow regulator and silicon pipe for connection to the skimmer. Some water-air mixing chambers (two in the smaller model, three in the bigger one) and a collecting tank in the upper part have also been created; they all are completely removable for foam and dirt collecting and easy cleaning. A special nozzle directs excess dirt present in the tank through a suitable pipe.

The product can be easily fixed to the tank thanks to a magnet, also useful for vertical adjustment.
Bluskimmer is available in two sizes, recommended respectively for maximum tank volume of 250 litres and 550 litres.
As far as maintenance is concerned, we recommend to clean periodically the entrance of the pump, the water intake and outlet grilles, checking that they are never blocked. The same operation is suggested to ensure that the holes on the lid of the tank are never blocked. Every 2-3 months, moreover, we advise to clean the skimmer impeller.

  • Necessary accessory for sea water aquariums
  • Suitable for the aquariums Dubai, Cayman and Star
  • It can be fixed with a magnet or placed in the apposite compartment on the aquariums cover
  • Integrated submersible pump, complete with brush impeller
  • Silencer complete with suction cup
  • Air flow regulator and silicone pipe for connection to the skimmer
  • Chambers for water-air mixing
  • Removable plastic tank, it collects foam and dirt
  • Nozzle to collect excess dirt present in the tank through a suitable pipe
  • Two different models of 12 or 16W