SKU: D02200

Activated carbon for marine aquariums
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Hydor activated carbon for saltwater aquariums is the perfect filter media for hobbyists seeking to eliminate organic residues and dyes quickly without affecting the chemical values of the aquarium. It does not release phosphates, heavy metals, or other substances that are harmful to aquatic life.

  • High quality activated carbon for marine aquariums
  • Excellent adsorbing action
  • Filters the impurities
  • It guarantees crystal clear and odorless water
  • Quickly restores water clarity and transparency to the aquarium
  • Ensures the rapid removal of dyes, drug residues, microscopic algae and any odorous substances
  • Activated carbon also captures toxins and urticant substances in corals
  • Through the micro-perforated sheath, it ensures an efficient water flow while keeping the original geometry intact
  • It does not affect the chemical values of the aquarium
  • Does not release phosphates, heavy metals and other harmful substances
  • Low ash content
  • Filter bag included
  • Pack of 400 g
  • The freshness-saving bags guarantee the properties of the product