Find out how easy it is to manage your aquarium

Our interest in the Internet of Things has led us to create smart devices, so that every hobbyist can manage their aquarium in a precise, safe and practical way.

A unique App can control all your smart devices directly from your smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS versions).

The app is designed to be user-friendly and offers
advanced technical features. It is easy to set up and to manage.

Simplicity is key to success

Smart movement pumps


KORALIA Wi-Fi pumps represent a new line of smart devices for your aquarium. Thanks to the practical Hydor App it is possible to reproduce the specific aquatic movement for different types of setups, both marine and fresh water: back reef lagoon, Fresha planted water, fish coral, ect. The customization possibilities are very wide and also allow different daily sets. The app can handle up to 6 different operating modes: constant flow, wave, night, ect.

wi-fi led lamps


Aqamai represents a line of latest generation LED lamps for aquariums. They can be easily managed through the Hydor App, which already contains some presets but which at the same time allows maximum customization. Have fun reproducing different climatic environments by simulating various atmospheric effects: night / day, cloudy, thunderstorm etc.
It manages 6 independent channels associated with 8 LEDs.

hydor app

easy & practical

The Hydor App is designed to be user-friendly, easy to set up and manage, and offers advanced technological features. In the event of device problems or malfunctions, the App notifies you via a notification directly on your smartphone, wherever you are.

1. Download the App
2. Connect the products
3. Set up devices
4. Enjoy your smart aquarium

You can choose from the predefined settings created by our team of experts, or you can 100% customize the functionality of the products through a practical tool that allows you to save your customized settings at any time.