Training leash complete with automatic hook - various sizes and colours
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Twist Matic GA is a dog training leash that can be extended or shortened using its ring system. Made of twisted nylon rope in trendy colours, it's sturdy and resistant to your dog's jerky movements and pulls.
All leashes come with an automatic engineered plastic hook, light and sturdy at once, ensuring a perfect grip when your pet is pulling, thanks also to its steel pins. An exclusive Ferplast creation, the hook speeds up the attaching and unhooking to and from the collar/harness through a magnetic mechanism. It is extremely safe and comes with a two-button opening system that prevents accidental opening.
Our teaching leashes have a double hook system allowing it to be fastened to your four-legged friend's collar or harness
and to adjust the length with the rings (included). Available in various models, they are ideal for dogs of all sizes. The Twist Matic GA12/200 version comes with a Large hook, suitable for small and medium-sized dogs weighing up to a maximum of 35 kg, and they can resist a pulling strength of up to 180 kg. The Twist Matic GA18/200 leashes also have a Large hook, ideal for medium/large dogs weighing up to a maximum of 50 kg and can resist a pulling strength of up to 180 kg.
The Twist training leashes are adjustable in length up to 200 cm and the circumference of the rope varies from 12 to 18 mm.

You don't know how to use the hook? Super easy. To open the hook, simply press both buttons at the same time. Then, approach the ring on your dog's collar/harness to activate the hook's automatic fastening mechanism. To unfasten it from the collar or harness, simply press the two buttons again. Just think how handy this is in various situations: for example, even if you are holding your shopping bags with one hand or speaking on your mobile phone, you can fasten or unfasten the lead to the collar or harness with the other hand, with one simple, rapid movement.

  • Adjustable length training leash for dogs
  • Made of sturdy twisted nylon rope
  • With double hook system for length regulation
  • Innovative automatic hook with magnetic mechanism for quick fastening and unfastening to/from the collar or chest harness
  • Ensures a firm and comfortable grip and safe and effective control of your pet
  • First-choice materials that last through time
  • With 3 rings to adjust the length: maximum 200 cm
  • Different sizes to choose from according to your dog's size
  • Lively colours
  • Rope circumference: 12 or 18 mm.
  • Matches the collars of the same line
  • Sturdy engineered plastic hook
  • Twist Matic GA12/200 with Large hook, recommended for dogs weighing maximum 35 kg
  • Twist Matic GA18/200 with Large hook, recommended for dogs weighing maximum 50 kg
  • Matches the collars of the same line

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