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Angular aquarium with rounded glass. Complete with LED lamps and internal filter.
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Dubai glass aquariums are distinguished by a clean and modern design. They are available in different colours and sizes that can integrate perfectly with any type of furniture.
Within the range, the particular Dubai Corner aquarium with convex glass was created specifically to find a place even in the corners of the house. Dubai Corner 90 corner aquariums have a capacity of 180 litres and a glass thickness of 8 mm. Solid and robust, they were designed and manufactured in conformity with international standard EN 60598-2-11, compulsory according to the EC declaration for all fish tanks available in the market.

Like all fish tanks in the range, Dubai Corner are equipped with an internal Bluwave 05 filter. It is an advanced integrated three-phase filtering system (mechanic, biologic and adsorbing) capable of ensuring pure and crystalline water; the filter is easy to maintain as it is equipped with removable compartments and is also complete with filtering material, pump and heater.
The aquarium is equipped with a LED lighting system that ensures high energy savings, excellent colour rendering with bright colours, efficiency and reliability. Compared to the consumption of a fluorescent lamp, LED lamps ensure a saving of 50% with about 30,000 hours of light!

As for maintenance, Dubai Corner 90 fish tanks have useful upper doors that can be opened and removed.
Appropriate tiles allow for the passing of suction tubes from an external filter. The aquarium is also already prepared with special sliding doors for the installation of an automatic feeder or a skimmer. It comes complete with two 7 and 12 W LED bars with a transformer.

Available as accessories, you will also find the matching corner cabinet Stand Dubai Corner 90, equipped with adjustable feet, specially designed to support the weight of the aquarium filled with water.

  • Angular glass aquarium with rounded glass
  • For fresh water
  • Modern and clean design
  • Glass thickness: 8 mm
  • Tank capacity: approximately 180 L
  • Weight when full: approximately 220 kg
  • Built-in Bluwave 05 filter, complete with a Pico pump 500 l/h, filtering material and Bluclima heater 150 W
  • LED lighting system that ensures high colour yield and low power consumption
  • Complete with two LED lamps of 7 W and 12 W with a transformer included
  • Two-lamp ceiling light
  • Sliding upper panels to access the tank
  • Special tiles for the application of input and output tubes of an external filter
  • Two sliding doors for automatic feeder and skimmer
  • Suggested optional: Stand Dubai Corner 90 matching support stand