Decorated litter box for cats
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Prima Decor is a litter box for cats with fun decorations on the sides, printed with an innovative technology that makes them resistant and durable over time. Easy to maintain, the box comes with an easy snap closing system for everyday cleaning. Prima Decor also comes with a handle for easy transportation and is sold complete with active charcoal filters. The FPI 5362 plastic bags can be purchased separately as accessories: they come with drawstrings and are very useful to clean the litter box, preventing spillage of sand and dirt. The flap door is made of a slightly dark plastic to ensure your kitten both privacy and tranquillity.
  • Litter box for cats
  • High bottom for better containment
  • Upper part with ventilation grids
  • Complete with anti-odour active charcoal filters
  • Hygienic bags available as accessories
  • Handle for easy transportation
  • Dark flap door
  • Top and bottom can easily be separated for cleaning
  • Decorations on the sides, resistant and anti-scrape

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