ATLAS CAR Separation Panel


Separation panels for Atlas Car carriers
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Don't worry if you need to transport two dogs in your car at the same time! Just buy the Atlas Car internal separation panel for dog carriers. They are made of tough plastic, have interlocking hooks and a hole in the top, making them easy to grip. Small ventilation grilles allow air to circulate.
Separation panels for car dog carriers are available as accessories in three different sizes: Atlas Car 80 Separation Panels, Atlas Car 100 Separation Panel and Atlas Car Maxi Separation Panel (the latter is already included in purchase of the pet carrier).
  • To transport two dogs in your car
  • Sturdy, made of robust tough plastic, with ventilation grills and interlocking locks
  • Three sizes available as accessories for the carriers Atlas Car
  • Also compatible with the models Atlas Car 80 and 100 Scenic