Ergonomic harness for dogs. Six fixing points, with micro-regulation system.
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Thanks to its innovative, ergonomic shape, the dog harness Ergotrekking ensures perfect fitting and evenly distributes the pulling force onto the animal's body. Made of sturdy nylon, thanks to the soft internal padding is not bothersome and offers maximum comfort. Featuring 6 fixing points, is equipped with micro-regulating system and therefore easy to wear and fit to your dog's size, his special shape makes it ideal also for whippets. Ergotrekking harnesses are fantastic for trekking and hiking with your four-legged friend! The practical handle on the top allows assisting the dog when overcoming difficult obstacles. The useful edge in reflective material makes the harness visible to motorists at night and in the twilight.

The ergonomic harnesses Ergotrekking are available in different sizes, in 2 colours, ideal for dogs of all sizes.
For small dogs, we recommend the Extra Small model, for medium-small sized dogs the Small model is suitable, for medium-large dogs the Medium model, for large dogs the Large model, for very large dogs, finally, the model Extra Large.

  • Ergonomic harness for dogs
  • Ideal for trekking and hiking
  • Suitable for whippets
  • High-resistance nylon
  • Six fixing points with patented micro-regulation system
  • Easy to wear
  • Perfect fit, adaptable to any type of build
  • Comfortable, thanks to the soft internal padding
  • Uniform distribution of traction
  • Practical handle on the back
  • Reflective stripes for greater visibility in the dark
  • Available in different colours and sizes
  • Extra Small Model: suitable for small dogs
  • Small model: suitable for medium-small sized dogs
  • Medium Model: for medium-large sized dogs
  • Large model: for large dogs
  • Extra Large Model: for very large dogs