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Hochreines Calciumcarbonat Granulat für Aquarien
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Blucalcium, high purity calcium carbonate granules, is ideal both for seawater and freshwater aquariums. Sterilized at 300° C, with no organic residuals, is perfect for aquariums requiring a high support of calcium. It can also be used inside an aquarium filter or inside a calcium reactor, in case of need as biological substrate thanks to the high porosity. Blucalcium does not release phosphate, ammonia and nitrite, it helps to buffer water PH and stabilizes its value on ideal parameters.
Packaging of 1 kg.
  • Granules of high porosity calcium carbonate
  • Absolutely natural and sterilized
  • Ideal for fresh and salt water
  • Supplies the aquariums with a support of calcium
  • Has to be used inside the filter of the aquarium
  • Can also be used as a biological substrate

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